Savasana "I'm Just Here for the Savasana" panel, PREORDER

K's Closet - Hillsborough

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 In celebration of our first year, we are running on EPIC Preorder Round and including almost every print we've had over the entire past year! This is an exclusive to K's Closet fabric designed with Lindsay Satchell's watercolor yoga poses. Lindsay is an incredible local artist from Asheville, NC. Make sure you check out all the other panels and coordinates we're offering too!

Make sure you have joined our fabric group for exclusive sneak peaks at our future preorders at

 Panel Sizes:

Adult: 28" x 36" with the top of the graphic centered 10" below the top of the panel

Child: 19.5" x 24" with the top of the graphic centered 7" below the top of the panel 

Available bases:

Please note that panels are only available on 220 gsm cotton lycra knit fabrics.


This round will close on March 9th, 2018 at 8pm EST. Our printer has been great about getting our fabric out quickly, so it should arrive to us and start shipping out to you in early April. It is always possible that there could be a totally unexpected delay. In that case, you'll be able to use your pretties anyway or store them for another season, but there will be no refunds for delays that are out of our hands. Please keep this in mind when placing your order and allow several extra weeks just in case, especially if you're preordering for customers of your own.

Care Instructions:

This is small batch custom printed fabric. It is printed on a white base, and the darker the print, the more care it will require. We recommend pretreating with a color fixative and always washing your fabric on cold.


Small flecks are considered a normal occurrence in small batch printed fabrics. We inspect all fabric before we ship to you, and we pull any major flaws that we find. If we should miss a flaw, you will be refunded by the inch or your fabric will be replaced.

Domestic Shipping:

First class shipping is available for one yard. 2-3 yards will most likely ship in a priority flat rate padded envelope. 3-4 yards can sometimes ship for under $10 using our own packaging through priority USPS rates, but the website cannot calculate this. Medium and large flat rate boxes are calculated by the website instead. All shipping overages over $1 will be refunded when we ship the fabric to you. If the website is really off, please email us for an immediate refund. Please do not choose international shipping at check out. 

International Shipping: 

Please choose International Shipping at check out. You will be invoiced for the exact amount when we are ready to ship your fabric and expected to pay within 72 hours so that we can get your fabric out to you in a timely manner.

If you need help with shipping charges, please do not hesitate to send us an email or a message through Facebook.

 Layaway policy:

There are no minimums for layaway. What??? Yes, you heard right! You can buy just one yard on layaway if you need. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Please note that this is not a discount! Layaway is only available on preorder fabric, which is already discounted. Layaway is a payment plan that allows you to pay half when you place your order and half when the fabric is finished printing.

Code "FabricAddict" will take 50% off of the fabric in your cart. This 50% is considered your non refundable deposit. The other 50% will be invoiced to you via PayPal with a $3 invoicing fee when the fabric is printed and ready to ship to us. Those who do not pay their layaway invoices will be subject to order cancellation and will not qualify for a refund. They will also be removed from the group and not allowed to order from future rounds.

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